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KUNST#TAG 063 ATMOSPHERE contemporary

Symposium in the framework of the theme of the year 2018 at Schafhof - Emotion

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KUNST#TAG 063 ATMOSPHERE contemporary

Presentations and panel discussion
Saturday, 17 November, 2018
3 – 6 pm


Welcome address to the partners from Skofja Loka
Atmosphere in Theatre and Performance , presentation by Dr. Tomaz Krpič, researcher and editor with the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ljubljana (in English)
Designing an Atmosphere - Difficulties and a Personal Approach, presentation by Prof. Karl-Heinz Einberger, artist and professor for principles of design and artistic practice, University Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (in German)
Atmosphere between Photographic Reproduction and Creation, presentation by Dieter Hammer M.A., artist and philosopher, Freising (in German)


Panel discussion (in English)

Moderation: Eike Berg, director of the Schafhof - Centre for Art Upper Bavaria

The event is kindly supported by the Municipality of Freising and takes place in the frame of the town partnership between Skofja Loka and Freising.

The term "atmosphere" covers a pretty wide scope of different meaning, largely dependent of its particular use. Within the various fields of the visual arts "atmosphere" does play an important role. Atmosphere in the symposium “ATMOSPHERE contemporary” is understood as an emotional effect created by art works stimulating the human organs of perception. The interaction is intended to operate unconsciously in the perception of the viewer - opposite to a narrative or conceptual artistic approach.


Tomaz Krpič: Atmosphere in Theatre and Performance
(in English)

If any art deserves to be acknowledged as the art that stimulate rich and distinct atmosphere, than theatre and performance certainly is such art. One does not need to be a theatre/performance creator or a regular theatregoer to be touched by atmosphere in theatre/performance. Even when one comes to the theatre and gallery for the first time, one can experience its appealing character. The reason is obvious. Theatre and performance is the form of art which demand close spatial relationship between actor or performer and spectator or participant. The closer theatregoer is to the stage, the better. While in other forms of art, like for instance in painting and in sculpture, bodiless nature of art work transgress the gap between artist and audience, in theatre and performance body is necessary a part of the art event. However, the body is not passive, for it takes an active role in the process of construction of the play and performance. It provides actor or performer and spectator or participator with sensation and perception. The body is thus genuine source and tool for building up art atmosphere in theatre and performance.

Prof. Karl-Heinz Einberger: Designing an Atmosphere - Difficulties and a Personal Approach
(in German)
Atmospheres are ontologically situated in the “in-between”, as many authors find. In a short lecture performance, the contribution will outline some a basic understanding of atmospheres, specifically in an urban context, and develop an artistic approach to face the upcoming issues.

Dieter Hammer M.A.: Atmosphere between Photographic Reproduction and Creation
(in German)
“My talk will be on the meaning and application of ‘atmosphere’ or the ‘atmospheric’ in photography. I will investigate into photography as a medium carrying atmospheric qualities beyond the mimetic, in a photographic sense. Another aspect will be special qualities and options of use of photography, in order to create emotional effects and meaning. What can photography as a technical process provide, to create something, that we call ‘atmosphere’?”

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Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Brochure about the Sculpture Garden in the outdoor area of the Center for Art
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