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Call for co-operation

The European House of Art - Schafhof - in Freising near Munich (Germany / Upper Bavaria) is looking for a co-operative partner for an European artists-in-residency exchange programme.

Bird view on the House of Art; photo: Michael Radeck

Mission statement:
The mission of Schafhof is to promote European ideals and enrich the region’s cultural life. Therefore the District of Upper Bavaria provides scholarships for contemporary artists from all over Europe. The artists' exchange is usually organised in two periods every year in two turns of three months each with three foreign artists and three artists from Upper Bavaria German each turn. The conditions for the exchange can be modified by agreement. 

What we are looking for:
A partner institution, who would host three German (Upper Bavarian) artists and choose three artists to stay in Freising in one or six artists from each country in two periods. The length of the stay and the number of artists can be changed by agreement.

We offer:

  • Apartment and studio for free
  • 800 Euro stipend / artist / month (for material costs, catering etc.)
  • travel costs (home town - Freising one time return after agreement)
  • Open studio presentations and adjoining programmes
  • An exhibition for all participating artists
  • The possibility of a political co-operation on regional level. The president of the District County of Upper Bavaria is the patron of the artist-in-residnece programme.

You provide:

  • A residency for three German artists (from Upper Bavaria) on a similar standard (modification possible) 
  • 600-1000 Euro stipend / artist / month (depending from the cost of living in your country - also possible with external support)
  • The organization of the application for the artists from your country/region.
  • Possibilities for exhibitions and/or presentation of your choice

Artistic field: Current trends of contemporary art, all genres

Duration: 3 month/artists (The length of the stay can be changed by agreement.)

Artists: Three artists from each country for each time period. The artist-in-residency-programme is addressed to professional artists. (The number of artists can be changed by agreement.)

Application: The institutions preselect 5-10 artists for the exchange programme, while the respective partner institution makes the final decision for the 3 winners. Other procedures can be negotiated.

Planned period: spring and autumn, 2017-2022

All conditions can be changed by agreement.

Eike Berg
Director of the House of Art - Schafhof
E: eike.berg@bezirk-oberbayern.de
P: +49 (0) 151 - 126 33672


Schafhof AIR Flyer A4 Ikon

Short Overview on the AIR-Programme
(PDF, A4, 700 KB)

Schafhof AIR Flyer 8 pages Ikon

Flyer about the AIR-Programme 
(PDF, 8 pages, 2,5 MB)