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Europakarte Künstleraustausch
13:30 Uhr bis 18:30 Uhr
KUNST#TAG 065 - Symposium about the theme "European artist exchanges" with keynote speech by Gitte Zschoch (director of EUNIC Global) and round table discussion with artists and representatives of the partner institutions from different countries ... Weiter

Current exhibition

Artur Rozen: Black Flag, video, 2014

The artist-in-residence (AIR) program at the Schafhof - European Center for Art Upper Bavaria focuses on cooperation projects with different partner institutions in the same time in periods of several years. The Schafhof provides residents three comfortable live-work studios, so three artists from three different countries can spend their residence time together.

The AIR program takes place in the framework of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria (Bezirk Oberbayern). The president of the District Council acts as the sponsoring body of the artist exchange. We are continuously looking for new additional partners insitutions.

We are happy to announce the cooperation with the following partner institutions at present:

Schafhof Transfer Oronsko Orangerie

Transfer > Orońsko

Artists exchange project in cooperation with the Center for Polish Sculpture in in ­Orońsko in Poland. The Center for Polish Sculpture includes several facilities, amongst others a number of studios, a museum, workshops, a hotel and a large sculpture park. The international artist-in-residence program is open for all artistic genres. ... more information


Transfer > Budapest

Transfer > Budapest

Artists exchange project in cooperation with the Municipal Gallery of Budapest in Hungary since 2016. The Budapest Gallery has accommodated foreign artists in two studio apartments in the centre of Budapest on Klauzál Square since 1989, and sends Hungarian artists to the artists' houses of the twin cities ... more information



New additonal artists exchange projects are in preparation for 2019, amongs others:

  • Transfer > Bratslava: cooperation with the Reaktor Residency Center at the Creative and Cultural Center Nová Cvernovka in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Transfer > Bari: cooperation with the nonprofit organization Vallisa Cultura Onlus in Bari, Italy



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Overview on the AIR-Program
(PDF, A4, 1 page, 1,2 MB)

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Booklet about the AIR-Program
for screen
(PDF, A4, 11 pages, 4,7 MB) 
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(PDF, A4, 11 pages, 14,2 MB)




Transfer > Orońsko
Transfer > Budapest


Transfer > Bratislava
Transfer > Bari


Transfer > Italy I (2017)
Transfer > Orońsko I+II (2016/17)
Transfer > Syria (2016)
Transfer > Ukraine I+II (2015)
Transfer > Slovenia II (2014)
Transfer > Slovenia I (2013) 
FreeColours (2013)
transfer: Spain (2011)
transfer: Poland II (2010)
transfer: Romania II (2008)
transfer: Romania I (2008)
transfer: Hungary (2007)
transfer: Czechia II (2007)
transfer: Czechia I (2006)
transfer: Poland I (2005)