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Throughout the year, exhibitions at the Schafhof present international and local positions in contemporary art. The spectrum includes all forms of visual arts, such as painting, video art, sculpture, photography, drawing, conceptual art, and installation. Group exhibitions with international and German artists, solo exhibitions with renowned artists and presentations of works by younger or regionally based artists take place in alternation. Applications are welcome.

Annual themes serve as common threads throughout the exhibition program, and facilitate an engagement with the exhibited works through a range of perspectives. A thematic emphasis also fosters a better understanding of art and a more enjoyable viewing experience. Certain themes emphasize formal aspects (for example, Color in 2013, Structure in 2015, and Sound in 2017), while others focus on specific concepts (for example Illusion in 2014, Identity in 2016, and Art and Science in 2019).

The Schafhof features a gallery on the ground floor and a large exhibition hall on the first floor, with a total exhibition space encompassing almost 450 square meters. The barrel vault ceiling and its unusual shape offer an atmosphere unique to the region and beyond.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

06.04.2019 - 09.06.2019
Mischa Kuball's installation five suns / after Galileo alludes to both the conflict and common ground between science and art. His use of light is consistently linked to a reflecting on social, political and (natural) scientific concerns. ... More Information
06.04.2019 - 09.06.2019
With very different artistic strategies, the two artists deal with social concepts and contexts. Elsa Gomis brings together traces of current and historical events related to migration. Rudolf Pacsika presents the manipulability of media images and conspiracy theories in an ironic way. ... More Information

Opening hours

For Exhibitions:
Tuesday - Saturday: 1 pm - 6 pm
Sunday + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm