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Transfer > Budapest

The artist-in-residence project Transfer > Budapest takes place in the framework of the Europan Art Scholarship of the District County of Upper Bavaria. Partner of the co-operation is the municipal gallery in Budapest.

Date :

01.11.2017 until 08.04.2018

Transfer > Budapest


The goal of the European artists exchange of the District County of Upper Bavaria is to consolidate the cultural relations between European countries by a partnership and to enrich the regional as well as the upper bavarian cultural scene.

In framework of the artists exchange with the Budapest Gallery in November, 2017 one artist each from Hungary and from Upper Bavaria is living and working for one month in the respective partner country. In February, 2018 an exhibition introduces the participants of the exchange programme Transfer > Budapest and  Transfer > Rom. The artist exchange with Budapest is scheduled to take place regularly for several years.


Budapest Gallery partner institution

The Budapest Gallery has accommodated foreign artists in two studio apartments in the centre of Budapest on Klauzál Square since 1989, and sends Hungarian artists to the artists' houses of the twin cities.
The number of twin cities has constantly increased over time; in 2017, 13 Hungarian artists were provided with the opportunity of living and working in Vienna, Salzburg, Krems, Paris, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Helsinki and Gyergyószárgehy. Freising will be added as a twin city this year.
During their stay, the foreign artists are assisted by a mentor and familiarised with the places and personalities of the Budapest art scene. This also frequently results in the creation of exhibitions or involvement in exhibitions subsequently held in the Budapest Gallery or other galleries.
The studio apartment is located on the 4th and 5th floors of an old building that is typical of Budapest, and has a large terrace. Unfortunately there is no lift in the house. The participant from Upper Bavaria can live on one floor of the two-storey studio flats, with its own bathroom and WC; the kitchen is shared with another guest artist.
Klauzál Square is located in Pest, within the ring road, in Budapest’s former Jewish district. There is a large market hall opposite the studio apartment with a supermarket and market stalls. There are numerous pubs, clubs and cultural institutions in the immediate vicinity.


Participating artists in 2017



  • November, 2017
    Stay of the artists in the respective partner country.
  • 19 November, 2017, 3 pm: KUNST#TAG 054 Open studios
    Presentation of the Hungarian and Italian guest artists, studio visit and artist talks
  • February-April, 2018: Exhibition
    Exhibition with works of all participating artist of the artist exchange projects Transfer > Budapest und Transfer > Rom in the Schafhof


Angela Geisenhofer

Born in Munich in 1982, lives and works in Munich

Transfer Budapest: Angela Geisenhofer Portrait

Transfer Budapest: Angela Geisenhofer

My Body is a fortress, but I´m living in a head.

In an almost reflexive form of automatism, Angela Geisenhofer records sensory impressions and turns them into a visual imagery with neither explanatory nor instructive qualities. Through the materials and surface characteristics of the media she selects for her images, and by employing special techniques, she deprives each segment of the image of its originality and significance and gives it a different, unreal inner life.

2005 – 2012 Studied under Professor Markus Oehlen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich


Ádám Szabó

Born in 1972 in Budapest, lives and works in Budapest

Transfer Budapest: Adam Szabo Portrai

Transfer Budapest: Adam Szabo: Mountain

From the beginning I was interested in the processes of sculpture: as I worked on one piece I took photographs of the stages of the work and created an animation from these pictures and usually exhibited the finished object together with the animation. However, the animations very soon started to represent something more or else than simply the working process. Thus I became obsessed by incorporating time into sculpture, working with time itself as a material.
In the past few years this interest in time led me to works about smoke, mist and fog. What really caught me is the strange relation between a solid block of stone, metal or wood piece and a seemingly no-form cloud or smoke made out of wool or synthetic fibers; the relation between the ever changing and ephemeral and the closed, stable and visibly heavy; the infinite and the finite.

2001-04 DLA-Programm, Hungarian Akademy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1995-96 Study of Sculpture, Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania
1993-99 Study of Sculpture, Hungarian Akademy of Fine Arts, Budapest


The guest studio of the Budapest Gallery

Transfer Budapest - BilderTransfer Budapest - BilderTransfer Budapest - BilderTransfer Budapest - BilderTransfer Budapest - Bilder


Schafhof AIR Flyer A4 Ikon

Short Overview on the AIR-Programme
(PDF, A4, 700 KB)

Schafhof AIR Flyer 8 pages Ikon

Flyer about the AIR-Programme 
(PDF, 8 pages, 2,5 MB)


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