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Biagio Putignano

Artist from Bari, residency at Schafhof 2019 in the framework of Transfer > Bari / Italy

01.09.2019 bis 30.11.2019

Biagio Putignano

Bron 1960 in Lecce (Italy, Apulien)
Lives and works in Bari (Italien)
Website: www.biagioputignano.it

Reisdency at Schafhof: September to November, 2019

  • Biagio Putignano studied organ, composition, electronic music, choral music and piano at conservatories in Rom, Padua and Bari.
  • Since many year he works as componist and educationist. He is professor for composition at the conservatory Bari since 2000.
  • As a componist of the musica contemporanea he is one of the best known representant of contemporary music in Italy. He officiates as the vice president of SIMC (Italian Society for New Music) and recieved major awards for his work. His oeuvre comprises chamber music, operas, diverse compositions for solos, choral wiht and withour orchester, opuses for sacred music, electronical music and contemporary sound installations. He takes part in exhibitions of contemporary art as well and use to cooperate with visual artists.


Lob der Musik - Kunstwerk Dirnaichner
19:00 Uhr bis 20:30 Uhr
New compositions by Biagio Putignano, guest artist at Schafhof from Bari/Italy in the Framework of the European Artist Exchange of the Bezirk Oberbayern ... >>>
19:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Presentation and Artist talk with the guest artists from the Ukraine, Slovakia and Italy currently working at Schafhof. ... >>>
The second waiting for Eurydike
19:30 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Chamber opera in three Scenes for sopran and piano. Composer: Biagio Putignano > Transfer > Bari ... >>>
Input AIR 002
19:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Presentation and talk with artists participating in the artist exchange program 2019. ... >>>
KUNSTTAG 068 Offene Ateliers
16:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr
Präsentation und Künstlergespräch mit den zurzeit im Schafhof arbeitenden Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten aus der Ukraine und aus Italien. ... >>>
Kammerensemble der HfKM Regensburg
17:30 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr
»Von der Klassik zur Moderne« - Festivalprogramm der Heiligen Nächte Bari 2019 ... >>>
01.04.2019 - 31.12.2024
The artist-in-residence project Focus > Bari takes place in the framework of the European Art Scholarship of the District County of Upper Bavaria. Partner of the cooperation is the nonprofit organization Vallisa Cultura Onlus in Bari / Italy. ... >>>